BSA Youth Protection Training

BSA Youth Protection Training is required for all adults who come into contact with children in the Pack. This includes helping at meetings/events and attending Pack Campouts. Even if you're not sure if you would like to help out or attend, taking the training is a great idea to understand what we should be doing to protect your children. The training consists of a few short online videos followed by a quiz. Total time is approximately one hour.

To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account, or login with your existing account. Please make sure the account displays your name, not your child's. From the portal, click Menu then My Training from the menu list. Youth Protection Training will be displayed at the top of the My Training page. Upon completion, you may save or print the YPT Certificate to provide to Pack Leadership. You can submit via email to, or bring a printed certificate to our next meeting/event. If you need to print your certificate again, it will always be displayed on the My Training page.

Youth Protection Training expires after 2 years and must be retaken.

Please maintain a copy of your certificate. You may be asked to provide it at a future event.

Pennsylvania State Clearances

In the State of Pennsylvania it is required that you maintain your PA State Clearances to work or volunteer with children. Once completed, the clearance certificates must be provided to Pack Leadership. You can submit via email to, or bring printed certificates to our next meeting/event.

If you already have your clearances for another organization you do not need to complete new ones as long as they are not expired.

PA State Clearances expire after 5 years and must be completed again.

Please maintain a copies of your certificates. You may be asked to provide them at a future event.

Adult Volunteer Application

If you would like to become an adult member of the pack, please complete the following:

Adult Application

LHC Affidavit

Both documents can be submitted via email to, or bring a printed copies to our next meeting/event.